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Behind The Veil


Author: Alexander Goulden


This shows that all of the most essential timing tools needed to forecast important pivot points, and the geometric tools used to identify essential price entry and exit points and to determine the nature of the trend are clearly presented and demonstrated in this book. His following books in the series will concentrate upon more esoteric subjects like Gann’s Square of Nine and astrological techniques, but this first book is intended as a standalone trading course providing the essential fundamentals to identify and trade profitable moves. Dr. Goulden and I both feel that any trader should, without too much difficulty, be able to recoup the cost of this course using these practical techniques.

I will admit that upon my first quick read of this extremely deep and thought provoking work, I was left feeling a bit overwhelmed by the vastness of the metaphysical and cosmological theory which backs up the technical applications presented. My first thought was that this book might only be for the more advanced analysts on my client list, those that had a significant foundation in Gann or Baumring type studies. However, upon my second, slower read, wherein I concentrated specifically upon the trading applications which represent the primary focus of the work, I realized that there is no reason why even someone new to the more esoteric and scientific elements of Gann research would not be able to apply the trading methodologies as presented, without much difficulty. It is this dichotomy that makes this book so unusual. Though being based upon a profound and deep level of insight and metaphysics, the like of which I have rarely encountered outside of Dr. Baumring’s work, the applications are very applicable, clearly presented and demonstrated through numerous chart examples in multiple markets, including stocks, commodities, Forex and Indexes, and in multiple time frames, from monthly to minute.

While the development of any of these techniques would require the study and understanding of dozens, if not hundreds of difficult texts, the distillation and trading applications presented are done in such a way that the reader is not required to have mastered any of these subjects in advance. I see this as an extraordinary benefit to both the less and more advanced students of Gann theory or general technical analysis. For those new to the subject, this practical yet profound work will propel them many years ahead of where they would otherwise be, left to their own accord, while for the more advanced researchers, these techniques will recontextualize the work they have done up to this point, integrating complex principles and insights that might have eluded them until now, taking their research into new and deeper dimensions. This is certainly one of the deepest and most practical works in our catalog, if not in the entire literature of Gann theory and technical analysis.