Price is driven by Time

Almost all of us got a lot of bad trades at bad moment and got stopped out, which led to frustration and worse decision-making. That’s because you’ve never pay attention to the X axis or TIME analysis needed for proper trading in the financial markets. People tend to simply analyze the Price component on the Y axis only and base their decisions on price action or lagging price indicators. Adding TIME analysis to your decision making process can make a big difference because AstroGann believes if Price is driven by Time.

Without Time, Price will never exist!

What is it?

If you’ve been in the trading business for a while, the name W.D. Gann is probably familiar to you. He is still considered the biggest market master of all times, with his portrait hanging on the entrance of the New York Stock Exchange. His market philosophy was that history repeats itself and TIME is more important than PRICE when it comes to analysing the markets.

AstroGann was developed a financial astrological indicator to convert astrotrading techniques from William D. Gann to the MetaTrader platform. One important thing to remember about this indicator is that doesn’t repaint, even though it plots for the future. So you know ahead of time when a possible turn in price will occur!


  • This isn’t an EA, so it doesn’t place trades for you. It is a timing tool and analysis that should be used together with price analysis. That’s also one of the reasons I haven’t included any account statements to prove anything.
  • It’s not a trading system, but something that needs to be integrated into your trading system, something that needs to be added to your trading toolbox. If you use it along with good price action skills, it is powerful. If you use it blindly, it will be your enemy!

How can it help you?
*hover the mouse on image to zoom-in

  1. Planetary Line: it will plot the line of planets movement on chart as a natural SnR

    Planetary Line with 1 planet as SnR

    Planetary Line with 1 planet as SnR

    Crossing of 2 or more planetary lines from different planet will make SnR more stronger

    Crossing of 2 or more planetary lines from different planet will make SnR more stronger
  2. Gann Angle / Gann Fan

    Gann Angle with 1 indicator

    Gann Angle with 1 indicator

    Gann Angle with 2 indicators
  3. SQ9 – Time Cycle

    SQ9 – Time Cycle using Trading Days

    SQ9 – Time Cycle using Calendar Days
  4. SQ9 – Price Cycle

    SQ9 – Price Cycle at H1 timeframe

    SQ9 – Price Cycle at Daily timeframe
  5. Planet Cycle: it will plot cycle’s line between 1 planet / 2 planets to determine a potential turning point

    Planet Cycle
  6. Planet Cycle – Natal Date: it will plot cycle’s line between 1 planet / 2 planets from spesific date to determine a potential turning point

    Natal Date Cycle
  7. Astro CrossHair: it will showing some astrology / astronomy data when mouse hover on price / candle

    Custom crosshair will display the astonomical events by hover the mouse on each candlestick
  8. Solar Eclipse

    Solar Eclipse without SnR line

    Solar Eclipse with SnR lines
  9. Moon Phase

    Moon Phase showing Full Moon & New Moon
  10. Planet Ingress: it will showing when planet enter new sign/zodiac

    Planet Ingress
  11. Planet Aspect: it will showing when there is some event astrology happen

    Planet Aspect
  12. Price by Degree / Price Longitude: it will convert price into time unit

    Price Longitude
  13. Planet Declination

    Planet Declination

What markets can I trade using astro trading indicators from AstroGann?

You can use it on all markets, not just Forex as long as you use the Metatrader platform. It works the same with indices, stocks or commodities. All you have to do is see what planetary cycles synchronize the best with your traded market.

Contents of the package

The package includes all the AstroGann indicators mentioned above plus installation and various AstroGann settings of indicators directly through remote software such as Teamviewer or Anydesk.


  • It does not include “how to read and analyze the market on a chart. For this purpose, astrotrading theory must be learned by yourself from WD Gann’s books.

How much?

To support Work from Home in the current situation (Covid-19’s pandemi), you can buy the full package for $177.5 $99.5 only until the pandemi has gone. Payments are currently made through Credit Card, Paypal, Skrill, or Bitcoin.

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24 days 11 hrs 57 mins 24 secs



  • You can contact me on Whatsapp: +628121287173 or drop a message at the contact form in case you want to use another payment method or just want to ask some questions about the indicators.
  • For Indonesian citizen, we can accept payment by BCA, Bank Mandiri or BNI.

You will also get bonus indicators from my package astro trading indicators for MetaTrader (if you’re interested, contact me for more details about it). For now, I am offering the mVC Breakout, AstroGann-BirthDate, AstroGann-GannSwing, & AstroGann-GannSwingBars indicators.