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Gurdjieff – Cosmic Secrets


Author: Russel Smith



Metaphysical discussion of the teachings of Gurdjieff with emphasis on numerological and mathematical aspects.

Topics include: the Enneagram, Law of Three, Law of Seven, Ratio of the Cosmic Rumple, Three inner octaves, Discovering the Higher Emotional and Higher Mental Centers, Atoms, Quarks, Dualities, Oscillations, Octaves in the Universe, RNA & DNA, the Periodic Table, and much more. Illustrated with diagrams.

Cosmic Secrets is the seminal work of Russell A. Smith which brings the ubiquitous underlying objective structure of the macro- and micro-cosm into focus for the seeker of truth. Using only fundamental maths, he has presented in one volume both the knowledge and the tools required to rearrange one’s inner world according to a proper law-conformable paradigm. From the opening lines of the Author’s Note: “As we journey into the vast, intricate terrain of the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance, it will serve us well: to know where we are; remember where we have been; and understand where we are going. Since in our endeavors we shall not only venture horizontally–along the same scale, but vertically–traversing many scales…following guideposts…added to help the intuitive traveler find his way…”

His exposition illuminates the answer to a question that has been on the mind of Man since the dawn of reason: WHY ARE THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE?