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The Mathematically Correct Market Triangulation Rhythm “wave” Model


Author: Barry Gumm


This book is designed for experienced Traders and Investors including Professional Traders & Investors.

It has been designed to be able to be read in a Traders Lunch hour. It is around than 200 pages long. and a lot of those pages are just charts proving the accuracy and displaying the thought processes for you to increase your traterging accuracy as well.

There is very little back ground information just enough to inform you of the mathematical process used. If one needs the background information they should buy one of Barry Gumm’s trading books titled “NO:1 Market Top Secret” and or the compact version.

There is no Christian or secret society information in this version of “The Mathematically Correct Triangulation Rhythm “wave” Model” at all. This is version number two.

It is pure market information on how the “waves” or more correctly rhythms work and how to target the targets simply and very quickly.

Simply enough one can do it in their head in seconds and with basic maths education.

This book will show you how to target with a greater than 95% accuracy and with very little practice you will probably start measuring your accuracy like the author does down to the fourth decimal point, being 99.++++% to 100% correct on targets set.

“Waves” are only mentioned due to Financial Services knowledge with the term.

You are left in no doubt how to do the above (Target and therefore Trade) simply, quickly and precisely.