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How to Make Profits Trading In Puts And Calls


Author: WD Gann


To make a success trading in stocks every man should learn everything he can about the stock market and the ways to operate in the market in order to make the greatest success. He should learn to take the smallest risk possible and then try to make the greatest profits possible. The more a man studies and learns the greater success he will have. We quote Proverbs 1: 5- “The wise man will Increase learning.” Again, Proverbs 2: 11- “Discretion shall preserve these; understanding shall keep thee. “Proverbs 3: 9- “Give instructions to a wise man and he will become wiser. Teach a just man and he will increase in learning.” The “Book of the Lambs” says that the fear of the market is the beginning of knowledge.
Many people do not realize that without preparation and knowledge the stock market is dangerous and that it is easier to make losses than it is to make profits. However, the risks in stock speculation or investment are no greater than in any other line of business if you understand and apply the proper rules to speculative trading, and the profits compared to risks are greater than in any other business.