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Observations on W.D. Gann Vol. 1: Periodicity


Author: Awodele



During my time studying Gann, I was fortunate to come across an e-book published by the Gann Study Group entitled, W.D. Gann on the Law of Vibration. In this e-book is where I first read a little known Gann article from 1919. In this article, Gann makes some predictions about the German Kaiser, Wilhelm Hohenzollern, and provides some details as to how he made his predictions. Continued study and work on the contents of the article led to the publication of my first book entitled, W.D. Gann: Divination By Mathematics. In this book, I wrote a chapter on periodicity, which was personally for me, one of my favorites in the book. In that chapter I was able to show how Gann may have derived key periods in the life of the German Kaiser, Wilhelm Hohenzollern. Interestingly, during my continued research, I found another example in Gann’s work that matched the same procedure Gann may have used to derive some of the key periods in the 1919 article. Thus, one of the main goals of this small booklet is to simply share what I found. It has always been my intention to publish additional books to get some of the ideas that I have been contemplating out in the open, but I didn’t have enough information on a particular topic to fill a three hundred, two hundred, or even a one hundred page book. With this in mind, I realized that I could publish small booklets in a series of volumes, each focusing on a different topic to achieve my goal. So this is what you will find in this publication, a small booklet on the topic of periodicity, which is the first volume in a series of volumes on observations I have made with respect to Gann’s work. It is my hope that the reader will find something valuable within these pages to further their own research and study.