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Divination By Mathematics


Author: Awodele



In this book, the author analyzes a little known article that W.D. Gann wrote for the Milwaukee Sentinel in 1919. Most, if not all of the material on Gann and his techniques are based on some type of astrological interpretation. In this work, you will see that astrology was not the main factor that allowed Gann to make his amazing and pinpoint accurate forecasts. It focuses on another well known aspect of Gann’s work, which is the based on the numerology of the name. In the 1919 article, Gann makes predictions about the German Kaiser, Wilhelm Hohenzollern, based solely on the numbers associated with his name. Although Gann never outwardly mentions a specific numerology system that he may have utilized, the author provides evidence linking the divinations performed in this article to a specific system as it relates to character analysis. In addition to character analysis, Gann forecasts future periods where he expects critical events to take place in the upcoming year for Wilhelm Hohenzollern. With respect to these forecasts, the author analyzes the periods mentioned in relationship to the method of forecasting taught in the numerology system, and in relationship to another aspect of Gann’s work, which is based on cycles. This is done to show how Gann may have calculated these future periods, which also involves a discussion of the periodic law or law of octaves. Last but not least, there is an analysis of the method employed by Gann to calculate the “key number” for an individual, which is said to govern that person throughout their entire life. As the article implies, this is the whole secret behind Mr. Gann’s discovery.