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Market Science  - Volume I Square of Twelve

Market Science – Volume II Market Dynamics


Author: Bradley Cowan


This is the fourth book in this unique series and is arguably one of the most valuable source of market information ever printed. A statement like this is not made lightly because hard facts have to be provided to prove it. Market Dynamics does what has never before been done by anyone, anywhere, at any time. It provides a model, based on a simple number series, that defines every major turning point in price-time. The resolution of this model is shown to be within two cent-days over the entire historical record of soybeans, beginning in 1913.

THIS BOOK PROVES THAT MARKET MOVEMENTS ARE PERFECTLY ORDERED. Not only are soybeans and live cattle studied, but a STOCK MARKET GROWTH SPIRAL AND CYCLE UPDATE is also provided, showing the perfect order within the growth spiral of that market, after the crash of 1987.