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Market Science  - Volume I Square of Twelve

Market Science – Volume I Square of Twelve


Author: Bradley Cowan


This is the third book in the course and continues the material presented in Four-Dimensional Stock Market Structures And Cycles by applying non-linear techniques and extending them to commodities markets. The material in these books is designed to demonstrate unique and accurate market modeling techniques that have never before been made available to the public.

“Numbered squares” is a term familiar to many market traders. These numbers are used to project the progression of financial market growth spirals, consequently defining the extent and duration of price movements. One of the most important numbered squares is the square of twelve, 144. Market Science – Volume I – Square Of Twelve shows how to identify and use the square of twelve in the soybean market. After reading this work, it will be clear why W. D. Gann wrote in his Master Courses, “The MASTER CHART is the square of 12.”